St Bonaventure's Catholic Primary School
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Liturgical Year at St Bon's

New school year Mass: Each year Fr. Clement from Malawi celebrates our new school year Mass with the whole school. Children always look forward to hearing the stories Fr. Clement shares. Parents are welcome to attend this Mass.

Harvest: During October we dedicate a week to celebrating Harvest. During this week we collect dried and tinned goods which we donate to our local Salvation Army. We also take part in CAFOD’s Harvest fundraiser. The week is concluded with a whole school Mass. Parents are welcome to attend this Mass.

Advent: During Advent we hold whole school weekly reflections. We support our children to think about the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to them and their families.

Nativity: Towards the end of term 2 all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils take part in a nativity production which is shared with parents and the school community.

KS2 carol service: At the end of term 2 all KS2 pupils retell the Christmas story through drama and song in an evening performance for parents.

Christmas Mass: On the last day of term 2 the whole school celebrates Mass. In preparation for this, different year groups take responsibility for the church nativity scene. Parents are welcome to attend this Mass.

Lent: During Lent we hold whole school weekly reflections. We support our children to reflect on what Lent means to them and how they can ‘personally grow’ during this season.

Passiontide Mass: At the end of term 4 the whole school attends a special Easter Mass at St Bonaventure's Church. This helps the children to prepare for and understand the events of Holy Week in the build up to Easter. Parents are welcome to attend this Mass.

Easter Festival: On the last day of term 4 we have a special festival to celebrate our children’s talents. Children are invited to create artwork, Easter bonnets/hats, Easter gardens, prepare a song, dance and poetry recital. More information is provided via pupil post and the school newsletter closer to the time.

Crowning of Mary: At St Bon's we dedicate the month of May to our Lady, Mary. At the start of the month we hold a special service where we Crown Mary with fresh flowers and we remember her and significant events in her life. Children are invited to bring in fresh flowers for the event - please keep an eye on the newsletter.

First Holy Communion: Many of our pupils, and those of our local community, work towards receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion during June/July. Both the parish of St Bonaventure's and Sacred Heart coordinate and lead the preparation of this sacrament.

After pupils have received the Sacrament we conclude celebrations in school with a whole school service which we hold on the school field. Parents are invited to join us for this special event where we reflect on our hopes and dreams and release balloons which symbolise these.