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We are the St Bonaventure’s Eco Council.

We are working hard to make our school more environmentally friendly.

Please keep looking at our page -- we aim to put on lots of helpful tips about how to make our school and community a greener place to be!

Our current green goals:

Walk to School -  The Golden Boot Award. 

 We are trying to encourage everybody to walk to school in order to cut down on pollution.  We also want to minimise traffic in our neighbourhood to make it a quieter and safer place to be. We know that not everybody can walk the whole way because they live further away.  However, we challenge these families to walk "halfway".  If people can park further away and walk the final distance to school it makes such a difference to the local area.  It is also a healthy way to start the day too!  Every day each class counts up how many children have travelled to school in an active manner.  This could be walking, cycling, scooting, or even parking elsewhere and walking some of the distance.  The class with the most active travellers each wins wins the Golden Boot.  It is presented to the winning class during Praise Assembly on Fridays. 

Bristol Green Capital

Earlier this term we had a visit from Helen Peake "the rubbish teacher!" She came in association with Bristol Green Capital. Key Stage 2 had an assembly about the importance of the three R's - reduce, reuse and recycle. Helen told us that as a city we are pretty good at re-cycling but can always do better! She also made the point that recycling should be a last resort, we should really be trying hard to reduce as much waste as possible. Then we should try to reuse things before we finally recycle. She challenged us to make a pledge of things that we could try to improve at home and at school in order to reduce, reuse, recycle. Later she ran some workshops for Year 3 encouraging them to think carefully about the three R's.Have a look at the photos below.

My Wild Neighbourhood

You may be aware that we are lucky enough to have wild hedgehogs living on Egerton Road.

Pupils at St Bon’s School have teamed up with the My Wild Neighbourhood Project. My Wild Neighbourhood is part of Avon Wildlife Trust’s My Wild City Project, and aims to create hedgehog friendly streets in your area in Bishopston.

The whole school has had an introduction to the project and hedgehogs through a whole school assembly. Year 3 pupils have also been busy building wildlife hotels in our grounds. The Eco-team will be following this up with the introduction of a hedgehog feeding station. We are all very excited about hedgehogs!
Energy in Schools
We have had energy monitors, movement sensors and temperature sensors installed around the school. Energy Champions monitor where and when we are using energy to power our lights, devices and heat our rooms, to see if there are any small changes we can make to cut our carbon intensity (and save our school money!).